About Membership

In order to access John Kirkpatrick’s workshops, which will form the basis of the practice sessions in November, as well as the website’s ‘Members Page’, which contains recordings of all the tunes and parts for the carols we’re going to be singing, and a workbook containing all the words, you will need to register as a member.

2020 and 2021 were obviously challenging in many ways and that included the continuation of Castle Carols. We were unable to access any support funding , and, obviously, the opportunity to raise money through donations on the door from members of the public who wish to join in with us throughout December were very limited, so we were completely dependent on membership fees to get by.

We’re afraid that we have had to make some changes to our membership arrangements, having kept the membership fee static for the last two years. Along with everyone else our costs are rising and, although Castle Carols has been running at a loss since we started in 2018, we do need to ensure that we can sustain the organisation through the difficult months ahead. Thanks to the generosity of some of our supporters we are able to keep the increase in membership fees to the absolute minimum and at £20 per head for the whole season working out at £2.50 per session, we hope you will agree that the whole thing is still great value for money. The fee includes tutoring by John Kirkpatrick at workshop and singing sessions, access to all the ‘guide’ sound recordings for all parts of the carols, the Castle Carols workbook, which will include at least two new songs for 2002 and, of course, our weekly newsletter which will keep you in the picture about how the season is progressing.

We also know what an important part Castle Carols has played in the wellbeing of many members in the last couple of years and we want to make sure that we keep the organisation as accessible as we can for those who need it. We’re in the process of trying to arrange that Castle Carols is available on the local ‘social prescription’ list, and we’re also trying to secure assistance which will enable us to grant membership to those who may be experiencing financial hardship. Details will be published as and when they become available on the ‘About Membership’ page of the website. You will, as always, need to be signed up to have access to the Members’ area of the website, where all the goodies are, including this year’s new songs when they arrive, the sessions in The Three Tuns, Salop Street, Bishops Castle.

We’re also intending to continue with the ‘hybrid’ approach we used last year, meaning that members can join in the fun via Zoom. Membership fees will include a link to the live coverage.

Fees can be paid via PayPal through this page (please have a look at our Privacy Policy), by sending a cheque made out to Castle Carols to our contact address, or in cash when you come to a workshop.

On confirmation of your membership we will forward you the current password needed to access the recordings and workbook.

We look forward to you joining us!

We need a few details about you (if you are including others in this registration please type their name in the ‘Additional Names’ box. Please ensure, if paying via PayPal, that you show how many people you are registering):

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Membership Fee

Entitles members to attend workshops in person or via internet streaming, have access to the Castle Carols ‘Members Page’ and download a workbook containing words and information about the carols.