Virtual Sing

Unsurprisingly, the 2020 Castle Carols season is happening on-line using the Zoom platform. It’s obviously not the same as standing together to belt out these wonderful songs but it’s the best we can do at the moment.

We also have the added advantage of being able to be joined by people from far and near who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to be involved – we have people singing with us across the USA, in Italy and Spain, in Scotland, and even from Clun!

Being on-line doesn’t change the basic premise of Castle Carols which is that we want to try and replicate the old way of learning the songs, which would be to stand outside the pub, listening, from about the age of five, so that by the time you were a stroppy teenager you knew all the words, parts and tunes, even if at that time you wouldn’t be seen dead with your parents.

Obviously its a bit late for most of us to take that approach so we just have to play and listen to the tracks recorded by John, have a look and a listen to some of the videos on here and on our Facebook page and then top it all up with a bit of tuition and practice at our regular Sunday evening sessions.

We haven’t published scores for any of the carols, apart from the two new ones for 2020, and this ties in with what we’ve described above.

We gained some experience of using Zoom over the summer lockdown, singing together as well as learning new songs with John, and the first clip below is taken from that.

We’ve also added a short clip of one of our full-on Castle Carols sings this autumn.

Enjoy – Jess’s cat did!!