Georgians in Stone


“Georgians in Stone” has been developed by the Parochial Church Council of St John the Baptist Church, and is being organised by Caring for God’s Acre – – with support from South West Shropshire Historical and Archaeological Society (SWSHAS) and Bishop’s Castle Heritage Resource Centre (BCHRS).

In 2020 John Kirkpatrick was asked to contribute to a celebration to mark the restoration of a number of tombstones in the churchyard of St John’s, Bishops Castle. The event was to bring together all sorts of local music groups, dancers, and craftspeople and it was suggested that Castle Carols members may want to be involved. This celebration was originally scheduled for Saturday June 6th but the onset of the COVID19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures meant that it was postponed. It is now planned to go ahead on Saturday, May 15th, 2021. We thought that despite the long lead time you might enjoy seeing and hearing John’s songs planned for the event and, for some of us, the more practice time the better!!

Words and scores are included in the songbook (apart from for ‘The African’s Grave’, which we’ve uploaded separately, as you will see) – tap on the cover to open it – and sound files for the various parts are also below, including recordings of all the songs made by a small group of singers, between lockdowns in 2020, in John’s garden between showers of rain (shown as ‘all voices’, below)!

Have fun!

(Please note: These songs have been specially created or arranged by John for the Georgians In Stone project. This online resource is designed to make the material easily available for anybody who would like to join in the singing at that event. For any further use outside that context, please make sure you consult with John first. The copyright in this music is owned by his publishing company, Squeezer Music, and any performance, recording, or broadcasting should not go ahead without John’s express permission. Drop him a line at to discuss any plans.) 

We’re planning to get together online to start practicing these songs with the first session being on Sunday, March 7th, followed by March 14th and 28th, and April 11th and 25th, all from 4.00pm to 5.30pm GMT, or BST after 28th March. If you are interested in joining us, please let us know by completing this contact form. We’ll send you details of how to join in, online at the moment but, hopefully, also in real life as 2021 moves on.

STOP PRESS: Unfortunately, John has had an accident at home and we have had to postpone the start of the singing sessions. We’ll now be getting together for the first time on Sunday, March 14th. If you want to join us and haven’t already completed a contact form, please do so now. Thanks.



The African’s Grave – Words and Music


The African’s Grave

The African’s Grave – Tune

The African’s Grave – Alto

The African’s Grave – Tenor

The African’s Grave – Bass

The African’s Grave – synthesised choir

The African’s Grave – all voices

I’ll Carve Your Name

I’ll Carve Your Name – Tune

I’ll Carve Your Name – Alto

I’ll Carve Your Name – Tenor

I’ll Carve Your Name – Bass

I’ll Carve Your Name – all voices

I’ll Carve Your Name (synthesised sound files)





On Yonder Old Oak

On Yonder Old Oak – Tune

On Yonder Old Oak – Alto

On Yonder Old Oak – Tenor

On Yonder Old Oak – Bass

On Yonder Old Oak – all voices

On Yonder Old Oak (synthesised sound files)





The Frenchman’s Mile

The Frenchman’s Mile – Tune

The Frenchman’s Mile – Alto

The Frenchman’s Mile – Tenor

The Frenchman’s Mile – Bass

The Frenchman’s Mile – all voices

The Frenchman’s Mile (synthesised sound files)





Sin Eater

Sin Eater – Tune

Sin Eater – Alto

Sin Eater – Tenor

Sin Eater – Bass

Sin Eater – all voices

Sin Eater (synthesised sound files)





Poor Old Simon Snell

Poor Old Simon Snell

Poor Old Simon Snell – Choir

Poor Old Simon Snell – Piano

Poor Old Simon Snell – all voices